Adapting to the new experience of work

Big Red Group employees embrace the new experience of work

Big Red Group’s white paper ‘Creating the new experience of work’ first released in November 2020, was developed in response to the vastly altered working landscape stemming from the pandemic announcement in March 2020.

Recognising that the future of work had forever changed, the paper sought to address the questions leaders needed to ask to determine the best way forward for their business.

More than a year on, as the world continues to change and adapt, the question still remains – what will the ‘new’ workplace culture look like beyond these fluctuating times?

Throughout the pandemic, many businesses have shown remarkable resilience, agility, and capabilities. Productivity in many cases has improved, and those working remotely have begun to appreciate a greater work life balance.

For Big Red Group, after a year of remote working, it recently adopted a hybrid work model. Launching a new sustainable workspace in Sydney’s CBD, employees have the choice as to where and how they do their best work. While the new space is a hub for innovative and collaborative work, many employees are choosing a combination of workspace with home working.

Empowered with choice and flexibility, employees are thriving in such a versatile environment, with Big Red Group seeing substantial year-on-year growth.

But how have other businesses adapted over the past year? How do they continue to cultivate culture and build teams? How will the workplaces continue to evolve?

The paper consolidates in-depth research, insights from various institutions, evolving trends, interviews with industry leaders and contributions from leading demographer Bernard Salt who states:

“(Covid-19) has really brought in a new model of living and working.”

David Anderson, Big Red Group Co-founder and Group CEO adds:

“Employees look to employers for community as much as they look to the employer for a job. So, in this new world, they want to feel part of a community.”

New approaches within the workplace will differ, but there is no doubt that adaptation is required. The framework developed as a result of the white paper offers leaders a guide to the sorts of questions that they will need to consider.

David upholds that “corporate culture will not happen by accident – it will take intent.”


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