About Us

Big Red Group is the largest experience network in Australia and New Zealand. A powerful connector that provides more than 3000 experience operators with quality customers and the tourism industry with trusted intelligence and partnership.

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Proudly Australian owned. We are a dedicated team of passionate technologists, marketers and industry experts bold in our ambition to deliver an experience every second by 2030.

We are happiest when our industry and partners are thriving because that means people around the world are smiling as they create moments, memories and stories.


We are proudly growing the world of experiences, together. We are The Experience Network.

Our Vision

To shift the way people experience life.


Our Mission

Proudly growing the experience industry and delivering an experience every second by 2030.

Our Promise

You bring the five-star reviews, we’ll bring the fifty million+ visitors in our network.

Big Red Group Values - Our team is deeply connected with our purpose to “shift the way people experience life”.

Big Red


Our team is deeply connected with our purpose to “shift the way people experience life”. It’s the driving force behind what we do and the reason our team engagement is so high. We’re hungry to make a positive impact on people all over the world and our planet.

Maddi Robins, Chief People Officer

Big Red Group Values - Our team is deeply connected with our purpose to “shift the way people experience life”.

Act with intention

We work purposefully, focusing on prioritising the meaningful. Integrity, inclusiveness and authenticity is at our core. We plan our work and maintain both urgency and momentum.

Constantly seek better

We don’t accept mediocrity, but continuously strive and aim higher. We develop others on the way, seek answers to the hard questions, and lead important conversations to make a difference.

Own our outcomes

We set courageous goals, hold ourselves to account to work smarter. We unite around challenges to deliver outcomes over outputs everyday.

We are growth minded

We move forward with bold ambition and a willingness to seek and explore all opportunities. We are receptive to feedback and value the role of ‘team’ in our efforts to deliver tangible outcomes for our partners and community.

Our Strategy

Our network spans multiple divisions providing for varying audiences and solutions across consumer, wholesale & corporate, and experience operators. We may be the largest in Australia and New Zealand, but we’re not slowing down. Our mission is to expand all three divisions, delivering an experience every second, anywhere in the world, by 2030.

With access to over 14,000 experiences, and access to more than 50 million experience-seeking customers, alongside decades of strategic digital expertise – we can promise big results for our network.

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Key Business Metrics

Experiences served since Big Red Group was established.

5.3 M
1.5 M

Experiences served last 12 months

708 K

Customers ready to redeem voucher

14 K+

Experiences available

3 K+

Experience Operators

19.6 s

How often we’ve served an experience in the last 12 months.

77 NPS

Average across brands




Partnership with Everything Travel Group

Big Red Group partners with Everything Travel Group The experience leaders

Partnership with CamperMate

TripTech elects Experience Oz as its experience booking partner for

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